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1st Baseman: All Star Break Re-Rankings 

Billy Butler & David Ortiz were left off my 1st base ranks pre season because I viewed them as full time DHs in April but with the help of inter-league play for Bi Papi and the disappointing start for Eric Hosmer both of them have gained 1B eligibility in formats everywhere. Big Papi continues to show us what ageing like a fine wine looks like and in a re-draft league he is easily a top 5 performer at the position. Billy Butler is also off to a great start and it looks like the big kid has finally developed that power stroke we have been waiting for all these years. Everyone knew he could hit for a high average but his lack of power was a fantasy red flag. This season however you probably drafted Butler in a later round and he has been churning out top tier production for your squad during the first half.

Anthony Rizzo has been called up to the bigs and he looks to be dialed in for the remainder of the Cubs season. I think he will be a top 15 at the position the rest of the way and if you were fortunate enough to grab him off your local waiver wire then you have scored yourself a potential stud for your playoff push. Edwin Encarnacion and Bryan LaHair have also had amazing first halves and have poked their heads into the top 15 each respectively. I expect EE to continue to mash the ball in the 2nd half but Bryan LaHair’s production may continue to slow down although I have been reading that some scouts think his power is legit and he may be targeted by a team looking to make a playoff push in the 2nd half of the season. He should still provide value to his owners but his best games may already be behind him.  The noteable guys that have had seasons to forget so far include Lance Berkman (injury), Adam Lind (demotion),  Eric Hosmer (season long slump) & Carlos Santana (not sure what’s up with this guy)



  1. Miguel Cabrera                  1
  2. Joey Votto                        5
  3. Albert Pujols                     3
  4. Prince Fielder                    4
  5. Mark Teixiera                    6
  6. David Ortiz                       N/A
  7. Paul Konerko 9
  8. Mark Trumbo                   19
  9. Edwin Encarnacion           N/A
  10. Adrian Gonzalez              2
  11. Paul Goldschmidt             18
  12. Billy Butler                       N/A
  13. Michael Morse 7
  14. Anthony Rizzo                 N/A
  15. Freddie Freeman 11
  16. Pablo Sandoval 8
  17. Allen Craig N/A
  18. Bryan LaHair                   N/A
  19. Michael Cuddyer N/A
  20. Adam Dunn N/A
  21. Ryan Howard 20
  22. Mike Napoli                     10
  23. Eric Hosmer                      12
  24. Carlos Santana                  15
  25. Michael Young 14
  26. Adam LaRoche N/A
  27. Tyler Colvin N/A
  28. Justin Morneau 24
  29. Lucas Duda 27
  30. Ike Davis 17

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