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3rd Baseman: Re-Ranking Top 10 

2) Jose Bautista (Tor) – Joey Bats is an elite player, and some will argue he should be #1 on this list, but
the one thing that really separates him from Cabrera is his batting average, which currently sits at .244.
Yes he has 7 more homeruns than Cabrera, but that equates to roughly 0.5 more homeruns per week.
Not enough to justify the better average and slugging. But when Bautista goes on a tear, he really goes
on a tear, like he did in July where he left the yard 14 times. You cannot go wrong with Bautista.

3) David Wright (NYM) – Wright is another third basemen who has put up MVP-type numbers in the
first half hitting for an incredible .346 average, .437 OBP, and .553 slugging percentage. He also has 29
doubles and 59 RBI. Only knock on Wright is he doesn’t hit enough HRs (11 on the season so far). The big
question is whether or not Wright can keep up this. It’s going to be tough to hit .346 again, but history
has shown us that Wright puts up identical stats in the first and second half in regards to AVG, OBP, and
SLG. I’d expect some decline in overall numbers, but good enough to remain the 3 rd best 3B for the rest
of the season.

4) Adrian Beltre (Tex) – Beltre is having another fantastic year, but is lost among the shuffle of all the
other great years other third basemen are having. But as the weather stays hot in Texas, the ball will
continue to fly off the bats and doubles become homeruns in the hot summer. Look for Beltre to hit
another 17 homeruns the rest of the way, but for the average to dip some.

5) Edwin Encarnacion (Tor) – Encarnacion took major league baseball by storm last season in the 2nd
half and carried it over in the first half of 2012 by hitting .298/.387/.585 and 25 homeruns and 62 RBI.
He just signed a contract extension and is looking to prove that he’s worth it. I think he will continue to
rake, but his numbers may take a hit over the next 2 weeks while Bautista is on the DL.

6) Mark Trumbo (LAA) – Trumbo is having himself a coming out party. Yes, I know he hit 29 homeruns
last year, but he went into slumps too often, struggling to put the bat on the ball or get hits other than
homeruns. Not this year. Already just 3 homeruns shy of his 2011 total, Trumbo has put it all together
with a .311/.361/.634 line. Yes, that’s not a typo, that’s a .634 slugging percentage. I was skeptical at the
end of May whether he could keep up these numbers because his BAbip .379 in April and .402 in June
that I didn’t think there was any way he could remain that lucky. I was partially right. His BAbip dropped
dramatically in June and also in July, but he still hit a respectable .260 in June and is hitting over .300
once again in July. Trumbo will continue to do what he does and that is hit homeruns.

7) Ryan Zimmerman (Was) – Ryan Zimmerman was a complete disaster in the first 2 ½ months of the
season, and many will argue that you could attribute that to his shoulder injury. Now that he seems
completely healthy, Zimmerman has been the 11th best fantasy player in Yahoo standard leagues over
the last 30 days. During this time Zimmerman has hit .306 with a .966 OPS and 7 homeruns and 21 RBI.
That is the type of player we were expecting heading into the season. The only thing that concerns me is
his health, which is why he is ranked #7.

8) Pablo Sandoval (SF) – Kung Fu Panda is another player who has had a very good 1st half despite being
injured throughout the month of May. He is currently hitting .299 with 8 homeruns and 30 RBI. Not too
shabby for someone that missed a month of baseball. Sandoval historically also puts up slightly better
numbers in the 2nd half. Still, he’s not going to blow you away with his homeruns numbers, which is why
he is listed 8th. Again, you can’t go wrong rolling with Sandoval.

9) Alex Rodriguez (NYY) – ARod’s numbers are down across the board for a second consecutive season,
especially his slugging which is .438. Not exactly what you want from a player at a corner position. But
he has already hit 14 homeruns and you can probably expect him to hit about 10 more the rest of the
way. He’s not an elite player anymore, but he’s still a top 10 third baseman. My biggest concern is that
the Yankees will rest him down the stretch since if they continue to run away with the Division.

10) Mike Moustakas (KC) – For some reason many fantasy owners were calling Moustakas a bust after a
poor 2011 campaign, but Moustakas quickly put an end to that batting .315/.375/.534 with 3 homeruns
and 12 RBI in April. He cooled off in May and June, and has picked it up again in July, although his OBP
isn’t quite where he wants it. I think Moustakas will continue to grow and build on his season and will be

a safer play than someone like Brett Lawrie the rest of the season.

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