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Buy & Sell: Batters 

Yonder Alonso, 1B/OF (SD) – Let me be up front here, if you’re looking for power, Alonso isn’t your guy. But if you need someone to help you with doubles, walks, average and OBP, he’s your guy. Petco won’t be friendly to Alonso for homeruns, but if you take a look at his home/road splits, they are almost identical. .298/.396./.415 at home, .306/.359/.417 on the road. Ok, the OBP on the road is significantly lower, but still, .359? You can’t get mad at that. If Alonso is still available, go grab him now. He will get on base, get you doubles, and will hit for average.

Michael Brantley, OF (Cle) – Brantley has been hitting well over the last week going 8 for his last 19 at bats, good for a .421 batting average. He also has a .526 slugging percentage over the course of his last 5 games. But he has been playing well over the last month collecting 30 hits in his last 104 at bats. 9 of those hits are doubles and he has even flashed some speed with 5 stolen bases. If you need a filler in your OF or in you Utility/DH slot, Brantley is a guy you can slide in there for the meantime.


Dustin Ackley, 2B (Sea) – I’m a big fan of Ackley. A big, big fan. I believe he will ultimately be a top tier second baseman down the road. But you are playing for today. If that’s the case, you need to upgrade at this position, and you can do so by selling a trading partner about the upside for Ackley. But right now he’s hurting you more than helping you. He is getting killed by left handed pitching batting .175 with a .266 OBP and .211 slugging percentage. That is beyond pathetic. Against right handed pitching, he’s having a lot more success. Unless you have another player that you can start in place of Ackley when he’s facing a lefty (and let’s be realistic, how good is that player going to be?), then you need to upgrade now.

Alexei Ramirez, SS (CWS) – Ramirez was a player I was targeting at drafts if I couldn’t get a top tier SS. Although his numbers were down slightly last year, he was still very serviceable for a player that you could get cheap at auctions or late in drafts. He has proven me wrong and now I have dropped him because he isn’t getting things done and is just frustrating me. If you have him, don’t be afraid to let him go. Do you really want a player that has an OBP .244 and slugging only .273? I sure don’t.

Josh Willingham, OF (Min) – Willingham got off to a great start slugging 5 homeruns and 15 RBI which complimented his .347/.447/.681 stat line in the month of April. Since then, he’s gone very, very cold. The power is still somewhat there in May with 5 homeruns and 13 RBI, but he has almost doubled his strikeouts (15 in April, 26 in May), and a .200/.354/.400 stat line. The .354 OBP is good, but he’s killing you in batting average and slugging this month. He’s still worthy of holding onto, but I wouldn’t be starting him until he gets into a groove again. But what I really suggest you do is try to sell another owner on his overall numbers and hope they don’t dig deeper into his splits. You may be able to get some good value in a trade.

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