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Buy & Sell: Batters – Week 13 

Shin-Soo Choo, OF (Cle) – Choo is another player who’s numbers have improved over the course of the season each month. In June, Choo displayed his best power numbers yet while also hitting for a cool .333 average. His walks were cut in half from 16 in May to 8 in June and his strikeouts were up from 24 to 31, but he was making better contact driving the ball combining for 9 more extra base hits in June that he did in May. Choo has a proven track record of being a very consistent performer over the course of his career when he’s healthy. I expect him to keep pace with these most recent numbers for the rest of the season. Not let’s just keep our fingers crossed he also remains healthy.


Ryan Zimmerman, 3B (Was) – Zimmerman has been arguably the biggest bust of the season so far, just frustrating owners. Many owners have even contemplated dropping him from their roster. Hopefully you were patient enough that you stuck with him. Or hopefully you are an owner who can benefit from another frustrated owner. Zimmerman has been bothered by a shoulder injury, but it is looking as if he is finally breaking out. Zimmerman has doubled his homerun total and drove in a third of his total RBI over the course of the last week. This is the Ryan Zimmerman we have been expecting. This isn’t the only reason I’m telling you to go grab him if you can. The biggest reason is because of his career splits between the 1st and 2nd halves of the season. Historically Zimmerman has been a much better 2nd half player where you see a major increase in his batting average (32 points), OBP (36 points), and slugging percentage (44 points) between the 1st half and 2nd half of the season. Zimmerman has never been this bad in his career, so if you can get on pace to what his 2nd half numbers have been over his career, you are looking at a much improved player that I’m sure you can get for very, very cheap.




Josh Reddick, OF (Oak) – Reddick is starting to come back down to earth after an impressive May that saw him clobber 10 HRs and slug an extremely impressive .612. His June numbers fell back down to where we would expect them to hitting .250/.357/.458 with 4 HR and 12 RBI. Those numbers aren’t bad, worthy of a 3rd outfielder or utility player. What is alarming is his high BAbip which was .345. His career BAbip is .290 which means if he falls down to that .290, his overall numbers will take a major hit. Do yourself a favor and deal him before that happens.


Corey Hart, OF (Mil) – Hart has been consistent this year each month in doubles (tallying 7 in every month), HR (6/4/5), and RBI (13/10/13). That’s the good. Here’s the bad: He’s can’t hit for average or get on base. And it’s not like he’s been unlucky. Far from it. But what I’m seeing is owners holding onto him far too long this year, hoping that he can return to his 2010 and 2011 numbers. He’s on pace to get there in HR, but will fall far below his 2010 and 11 numbers in every other category.


Drew Stubbs, OF (Cin) – For the last two seasons, I’ve had high hopes for Stubbs because I was so enamored with his combination of power and speed. Stubbs is a player I thought could come close to 30 HR and steal 40-50 bases over the course of the season. I am officially throwing in the towel on Stubbs. Yeah, he will continue to steal bases, but he will kill you in the process in too many categories where it’s not worth the steals. What’s impressive (well, not really impressive, just pathetic) is that his 3.1:1 K: BB ratio. Dusty Baker should be implementing the Willie Mays Hays rule on Stubbs “every time you hit the ball in the air, you owe me 20 pushups”. I finally give up. If you still have him on your roster, you should do the same.

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