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Buy and Sell: Batters 

Alcides Escobar, SS (KC) – For some reason Escobar is only owned in 37% of all Yahoo leagues, which is a good thing for me as a fantasy owner because at the very least I can scoop him up and store him on my bench and keep him away from another team that is in need of a SS. Escobar won’t hit for power, but he has been hitting well for a .301 average and .342 OBP. He will also steal you a base here and there. His BABIP is high at .350, which could indicate he’s getting a little lucky, but hey, who doesn’t like some luck? Make sure you pick him up in your league.

Xavier Avery, OF (Bal) – Outfielders are dropping like flies this year so it is imperative you jump on players who are playing well and ride them out until someone like Matt Kemp comes back. The guy I’m targeting is Xavier Avery. Through 9 games, Avery has 10 hits in 36 at bats with 4 of those hits as extra base hits. He has also shown some patience at the plate with 5 walks. If you are in need of some outfield help, I highly recommend you grab Avery.


Ryan Roberts, 3B (Ari) – I have noticed in a few leagues that I am in that some owners are still holding onto Ryan Roberts. Yes, he put together a fine 2011 fantasy campaign, but remember, he came out of nowhere. If he was 26 years old and did that, then I’d have some hope (not much) that he could turn this pitiful season around. But he’s 31. He played sparingly in the bigs prior to 2011 for a reason. If Roberts was hitting for power then I could make a case that you hold onto him. But he’s not and he isn’t getting on base (pathetic .288 OBP). Time to drop Roberts.

Jose Tabata, OF (Pit) – Tabata is another player owners hate to drop and I believe that’s because he was once regarded as one of the top prospects in the Yankee farm system before they decided to trade him away for Xavier Nady and lefty specialist Damaso Marte. But the thing is, he’s not a very good fantasy player. If you own him, he is killing you in several categories such as average (.222), OBP (.273), and slugging (.333). All of those numbers are disgraceful. Maybe he turns it around some and picks up the average and OBP. But if there is a player out there that can actually help your team now, I’d drop Tabata for that player. No need to hang onto him in hopes that he turns this season around.

Dee Gordon, SS (LAD) – I hate listing Gordon here because he’s not a bad real life player and I like him. But let’s face it, right now, he’s a terrible fantasy player. If you have him in a dynasty league, then yes, I’d hold onto him. But if you are in a re-draft, you need to cut Gordon if there is another SS available that is capable of putting up better numbers. The one thing Gordon should be doing is getting on base any way possible so that he can help you in the one category he can dominate which is stolen bases. So far he’s not getting on base which has resulted in 12 stolen bases. Not bad, but if he was on base more, that total would be around 20+. He has a total of 9 walks on the season. Yes, 9. His SO:BB ratio is 3:1. If you refuse to drop him and are in a daily league, please do me a favor and only start him on the road. On the road he at least has a .246/.296/.354 line which is still bad, but not as terrible as his .163/.200/.175 stats at home.

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