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Buy And Sell Week 3 

Week 3 Buy and Sell

So, a look back at last week’s column will quickly alert the casual reader to the fact that, hey, you really should pay attention to this weekly segment. From my “buy” list:

Jay Cutler, Philip Rivers, Matt Schaub.
Knowshon Moreno, Vick Ballard, Maurice Jones-Drew, Joique Bell, DeMarco Murray.
Desean Jackson, Miles Austin, Marlon Brown, Julian Edelman, Pierre Garcon.
Martellus Bennett, Greg Olsen.

Now, a public service announcement on how to use this column and my weekly buy/sell ideas moving forward. Guys like Cutler, Rivers, and Schaub all performed well last week. In such cases, where QB is deep, I am betting they can still be had on the cheap in most leagues, and still consider them a “buy” at the right price. To clarify: I’m not claiming they’ll be top-10 by the end of the season, but if you need help at the position, I think they present good value for their current return.

By contrast, it’s already too late on Knowshon Moreno. Last week was your only real chance to get him below market value, and I suspect his owners will now want more than ever for him. If you picked him up after last week’s “buy” recommendation, Kudos to you. If not, his value is now too high to represent a good return, in all likelihood. I still like him quite a bit and think he will be a solid RB2, but you’d likely have to give up too much to get him.

Value, my friends, value.

Do your best day-trader impression and click furiously until you have the following on your roster:


Sam Bradford
Bradford has 93 pass attempts through two games. 93. With emerging targets Tavon Austin and Chris Givens as well as the presence of Jared Cook, I like his opportunity and the talent around him. Also, Dallas can be had through the air. If Alex Smith could do it, well, anyone can.

Robert Griffin III
I don’t think his value could possibly be lower. Consider this: Washington has looked awful. Absolutely terrible. He hasn’t used his legs anywhere near the extent he did in 2012, and the Washington defense can’t stop anyone. These were likely his two worst games of the season, I would expect. …and he still through for 320 yards and 2+ scores in each. Yeah.

Tom Brady
Has been outscored by the likes of EJ Manuel and Alex Smith. Hey, guess what? That trend won’t continue. He gets Rob Gronkowski back soon and, like RG3, his best games are yet to come. I suspect with the depth at quarterback, you can find an owner willing to move him.

Running Backs

DeMarco Murray
I’m sticking with him… until he gets hurt. Dallas wants/needs to establish the run and uh, he’s their runner. The catches (13 through two weeks) are very encouraging as he will continue to see time on the field in passing situations. The TDs are coming. Trust me.

Chris Johnson
Fifty carries through two weeks. Five-zero. Fifty. The production is coming, maybe as soon as this week. I still think you can have him at a decent price.

Wide Receivers

Steve Johnson
150 yards and two scores through two games. He’s clearly EJ Manuel’s number one target and probably the only valuable Bill outside of CJ Spiller. I think he’s being undervalued at the moment. Pick him up.

Reggie Wayne
A down week 2 has him flying wayyyy under the radar. His targets have been consistent (though a bit down from 2012) and the Indianapolis offense can only get better with the addition of Trent Richardson.

Hakeem Nicks
Speaking of under the radar, how about a veteran receiver on a team with strong quarterback play who is averaging over 95 yards/game? Yeah, Hakeem Nicks. Healthy and playing well. Who would have thought?

Tavon Austin
After a very nice week two, it may be too late to make a deal for him, but check the waiver wire! In ten team leagues especially, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was still out there in a league or two. The targets will be there and the talent (and speed) already is.

Tight Ends

Brandon Myers
Quietly consistent. I’d feel comfortable with him as my every week starter.

Brent Celek
An injury forced him out of game 2 early to the supreme disappointment of his fantasy owners, but he’s still part of a high-octane offense that wants to move the ball quickly. The opportunities will be there, and I’m betting Celek makes them count.

Now’s the time to cash in those chips, partner.


In general, it’s hard to “sell” a quarterback. You only need one (usually) and there are plenty of good ones. However, one name I’d dangle out there as trade bait (especially to a team trying to survive with a guy outside the top-10) would be…

Andrew Luck
I think the hype surrounding Trent Richardson has made people go Colts crazy this week. I have Richardson rostered in several leagues and have received some extremely lucrative offers for him. It’s worth taking a shot with Luck to see what your Luck may bring you. (I’m clever.) On a more serious note, while I do think Luck will be a strong play and has a chance to finish inside the top-10, I think the difference between him and a replacement-level fantasy player (say… Jay Cutler) will be extremely marginal. If I could use him to upgrade another position and had a top-20 QB stashed on my bench or available on waivers, I definitely would.

Running Back

James Starks
Not buying it. The Packers have been here, done this before and Starks won’t stick. Eddie Lacy will eventually come back and this is Aaaron Rodgers game, anyway. Yeah, pick him up if you can, but deal him just as quickly.

Reggie Bush
Picture Paul Revere. Colonial America. Lantern, horse, he shouts, “The injuries are coming!”

Rashard Mendenhall
The Revere scenario applies here, as well. Also, Andre Ellington. Also, he’s still Rashard Mendenhall.

Wide Receiver

Victor Cruz
I like Cruz. I do. If he was on my team, I’d have a hard time selling him. But, this is all about value, and Cruz’s value couldn’t possibly be higher right now. The Giants won’t be down a half-century mark and throwing every week, and likewise Cruz won’t put up 118 receiving yards every time he steps on the field. I think you could bring back quite a haul for Cruz at the moment, and should.

Tight Ends

Owen Daniels
Three touchdowns through two weeks. Matt Schaub has been hucking it a ton and I don’t think Houston’s newfound affinity for the pass sticks. Cash in on the early success while you can.

Colby Fleener
The whole Andrew Luck/Trent Richardson commentary applies here, but also add in Dwayne Allen. Fleener helped his owners out with an impressive week 2, but I’d still sell him if I could get a reasonable return. I still maintain the Dwayne Allen injury helps TY Hilton’s value more than anyone else.

Best of luck in week 3! As always you can tweet me: @petethegreekff or check out my blog


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