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Position Rankings

2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Shortstops

This year the theme for shortstop is positional scarcity. A decade ago the  game was overflowing with great talent at the shortstop position. Now the only one left is Jeter and the cream of a much thinner crop resides in the National League with Hanley Ramirez and Troy ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings- SPs

roy_halladay2010 was the year of the Pitcher.  6 no hitters, 2 of which were perfect games, it’s important to lock ...Full Article

2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings-3B


Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 3B

The hot corner is still ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings-OF

Carlos GonzaelzWhat can we say about outfielders in Fantasy Baseball? Well I for one will say it is a tough position ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings-RPs

brian_wilsonWelcome to probably the hardest fantasy baseball position to predict, the closers.  Follow me at @EightGamesBack for more questions ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings-2B


2011 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: 2B

Second base can ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings – Catcher

One of the toughest positions to draft for in the fantasy world is catcher. For so many years you ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball: 2011 Rankings-1B

Albert Pujols

First base is traditionally one of the deeper positions in fantasy baseball.  Having one of the elite ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Relief Pitchers

Relief Pitchers

Easily the most volatile position in fantasy baseball, relief pitchers can be a challenge when draft day rolls around.

A ...Full Article

Fantasy Baseball Rankings: RP

Tier 1 Joe Nathan-35 W SV K ERA WHIP 2008 1 39 74 1.33 0.9 2009 2 47 89 2.1 0.93 Proj. 2 42 77 2.2 0.98   Joe ...Full Article