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Buy And Sell – Week 10

Things you thought you knew: Santa Claus isn’t real. ACL’s take 18 months to heal. Gas would never go above five bucks per gallon in your lifetime. Professional football teams can tackle a guy every now and then. Play everyone against the New Orleans Saints. Full Article

Buy And Sell – Week 9

Happy Halloween! In honor of America’s sweetest and most creepy holiday, I ...Full Article

Buy And Sell Week 8: Trading 101

Full Article

Buy And Sell – Week 7

Of course! Of (expletive ...Full Article

Buy And Sell – Week 6

“...And like that, poof, he’s gone.”
Full Article

Buy and Sell – Week 4

Buy and Sell Week 4Full Article

Fantasy Football Buy And Sell – Week 3

“I’m always right, it’s just the degree of my correctness. In this case, I was more correct than the official NFL referee present at the game.”The above is what ...Full Article

Buy and Sell Week 2

Week two featured a lot of “not pretty” performances by both NFL ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Buy or Sell: Week 1

Decisions! Decisions are the bane of every fantasy owner. Who to target ...Full Article

Fantasy Football: Buy And Sell-Week 11

buy_sellWeek 11 is the last week of bye weeks on the NFL schedule, so fantasy football ...Full Article