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Injury Report

Injury Report Week 14

cartoon_ambulanceWeek 14 is in the books and like every other week this year in the NFL we have lost some fantasy stallions to a major injury. If you have made it this far in your fantasy league without a major injury you have been doing something right, or at least luck has ...Full Article

Injury Report Week 13

cartoon_ambulanceJust when you thought it was safe to plug Mr. Andre Johnson back into your starting lineups the ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Injury Report Week 13

There were a few guys that went down with injury but nothing earth shattering or of real fantasy relevance. If you are still alive then you can breathe a ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Injury Report Week 12

cartoon_ambulanceThe 2011 NFL season has been marred by a huge number of injuries to big time Fantasy Stars. Week 11 ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Injury Updates Week 11

cartoon_ambulanceThe flood Gates have opened up once again on the injury front, week 10 saw many big fantasy names ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 9 Injury Report

This was a relatively quiet day on the injury front with only a handful of players leaving their respective games with some type of ailment and the like. It ...Full Article

Injury Report Week 8

cartoon_ambulanceHamstring Injuries are the new ankle sprain!  It could be a fluke but there are hamstring injuries every Sunday so ...Full Article

Week 7 Fantasy Football Injury Report

cartoon_ambulanceIf you’re a Fantasy owner that somehow managed to leave your Sunday match up without an injury; go buy yourself ...Full Article

Week 6 Injury Report

I do not believe in curses.. but there is something to be said about the Madden cover boy year in and year out. This year’s ...Full Article

Injury Report Week 5

cartoon_ambulanceThere were a rash of nicks and bruises in week 5 but it appears so far that our first round ...Full Article