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Starts and Sits

Week 17 Start/Sit

Welcome to Championship Week! This is where the men separate from the boys; the cheese from the grill; the Prom Kings from the Key Club.

In addition to some start/sits, here is my guide to winning a playoff fantasy league. The place to start is with the teams themselves. Choose 1 AFC and 1 NFC team. ...Full Article

Wee 15 Start-Sit

This week the start/sit column will be a little different. DeMarco Murray and Greg Jennings owners probably had to put in extra ...Full Article

Week 14 Start/Sit

As we reach the playoffs, you have some serious decisions to make. This isn’t like the time you had to get lunch for your boss and ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 13 Starts and Sits

Don’t go crazy trying to make the playoffs.

What does that mean? That means don’t start a real longshot over the player you have used the whole ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Start/Sit – Week 12

Week 12

The game of Quarterback musical chairs is down to 4 (Rodgers, Brees, Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith). Jay Cutler, Matt Cassel, ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Start/Sit Week 11

Do you see the weather as “partly cloudy” or “mostly sunny”? While looking up the weather for the coming week, I came across these two phrases. ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 10 Start/Sit

You are heading towards the playoffs, are you ready? In order to successful navigate the playoff waters you must be able to look ahead. Do you ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 9 Start Sit

Half the regular season is in the books. How are you doing thus far?

There are still ways to get into the mind of your opponent. Here ...Full Article

Fantasy Fooball Week 8 Start/Sit

Money Talks.

Here are four examples:

Player A: 337 rushing yards, 48 receiving yards, 1 TD (44.5 fantasy points)

Player B: 278 rushing yards, 210 receiving yards, 2 TDs ...Full Article

Fantasy Football Week 7 Starts and Sits

Everyone loves a new toy. It has shiny packaging, a new car smell, or a large viewing screen with lots of features.

This idea also applies to ...Full Article