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Chargers vs. Chiefs Week 7 Recap 

You have to give up a lot of credit to defensive coordinator Ron Rivera.  He is really being creative with what he is doing with a depleted defense.  Bringing Eric Weddle off a safety blitz, Gregory on a corner blitz each earning sacks.  Rivera was committed to putting pressure on Cassel and making things happen.  THE Shaun Phillips arrived on Sunday putting pressure on Cassel, earning two sacks and rushing Cassel on a play that ended up an interception for Gregory.

The Chiefs had no answer for Vincent Jackson, it looked like big kids vs. little kids.  Jackson simply out ran coverage and Philip just threw it as far as he could to a waiting VJ.  Breaking a chargers record with 142 receiving yards in a half.  When you look at the prolific passing offenses the Chargers have had and the wide receivers Lance Alworth, John Jefferson, Charlie Joiner, Kellen Winslow, Wes Chandler, Anthony Miller to name a handful, that’s quite an accomplishment.  Kudos to “Action Jackson”

Tomlinson looked great, he was able to break loose for a 36 yards run, he was hitting the hole quick and making decisive with his cuts.  LT was the victim of some blown assignments by the O-Line and he paid the price being hit at or behind the line of scrimmage.  Overall it was a welcome site to see Tomlinson making things happen.

The tale of two Shauns or Shawnes or is it Seans?  Phillips had a fantastic second half, he was flying all over and really took over the game.  He was great coming of the edge and was able to provide a great rush up the middle.  Merriman did have five tackles and was on the verge of getting his first sack of the season.  The Chiefs double teamed him the entire first half, but didn’t in the second half.  Merriman looks to have more burst now than he did before the bye and has a chance of breaking out soon.  As a side note, Tim Dobbins had a great game playing for the injured Kevin Burnett.  Dobbins led the team with 11 tackles and an interception.

Clary and Vasquez, both guys with great upside that need to develop, at least that’s what has been coming out of Chargers camp.  If that is the case I really feel like you need to make sure these guys do what can do well and once they are able to do that, then get creative.  I think GM AJ Smith keeps Clary on the team just to keep things interesting.  You know he is good for a holding or false start every game or will just let someone run by him on a speed rush.  Vasquez is a whole different story, I know the guy played at Texas Tech in a pass all the time offense, so it is going to take time.  Norv just loves to try and pull Vasquez and it appears that half the time Vasquez is lost and misses his man, resulting in LT getting crushed.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that by the time we play the Giants these guys are up to speed.

Next up the Hated Ones come to town…let’s get ready for RAIDERS WEEK!

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