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Chargers vs. Giants Week 9 Recap 

I have to admit that at the beginning of the 4th quarter when the Giants pinned the Chargers back deep into their own territory, I was nervous.  When the Chargers went three and out, I was angry.  I marked that down as what would be the time when Norv gave away the game, but it was just a bump in the road and hopefully a lesson learned by the OC.  In a rare event in which the Chargers came into the game at 4.5 point underdogs for only the second time this season, they took advantage of their underdog status.  The Chargers responded playing up to the competition, despite being dominated by the time of possession 37:47 to 22:13, the Chargers offense made the most of their shots on the field.

Without taking anything away from the Chargers, I have to admit the Giants didn’t help their own cause.  Nine penalties for 104 yards is going to hurt you against any team, but let’s not kid ourselves, the referees started to take it easy on the Giants in the second half.  My father called me after the game and said, “Wow!  Did you know the Giants were such a dirty team?”  I routinely saw plays in which the Giants were not called at the line in the 2nd half, it’s amazing that they only had nine penalties.  Tom Coughlin, didn’t seem to have his team ready or prepared.  He used Bradshaw is some really odd spots and overall I think the Giants deserved to lose based on how they played.

Philip Rivers – He has put himself in elite company when it comes to two minute drills, Rivers is one cool cat when the game is on the line.  I still stand by the statement that no one can over throw a 6’5’’ receiver like Philip can.  He does need to work on protecting the ball when he feels pressure, but Philip is one bad man when it counts.

Running Backs – As much as I hate to admit it, I saw a couple plays that LT should have broken free and he didn’t.  He doesn’t seem the have the ability to break tackles like he did in the past; he doesn’t seem to hit the whole as quick.  I think Norv feels that we can win without LT, which is why he has a minimal role in the offense.  Sproles had a quiet day with the exception of his 21 yard catch on the final drive, which set up the TD to Jackson.  Sproles only had eight touches all day including returns.  The Giants made it a priority not to allow Sproles to beat them on the big play.

Receivers – On a day in which Chris Chambers catches two passes for the Chiefs, Floyd and Gates caught a case of the drops.  Is it just me or does Floyd feel the need to jump up in the air every time a ball comes his way?  Either way, they snapped out of it and Action Jackson is proving every game why he needs to be locked up with a new contract.

O-Line – Memo to the OL….it’s time to get nasty.  Teams are blowing the line up on run plays.  We are a finesse team I suppose, because when it comes to goal line and run downs the line is being dominated.

I will say this, again…The Offense needs to run the ball for this simple reason; to give our banged up defense a chance to breathe.  I know at this point the Chargers are passing at will, but the defense is on the field too long and they need to get a breather.  OL needs to step up and get nasty when it comes to moving the line.

Defensive Line – Stop the presses, the DL has two sacks!  Cesaire and Boone both pulled in a sack on the day.  The team did struggle when it came to stopping Jacobs, but had no problem with Bradshaw.

Shawne Merriman – A big congratulations and thank you goes out the Shawne Merriman.  In case you didn’t know he has been and continues to play hurt.  It was projected that his leg wouldn’t be right until about this time, he also had a groin issue after week two and he has fought through it.  When we as San Diegans wanted to see the most hated person in San Diego, Eli Manning go down, Shawne stepped up….#ELISUCKS meet #LIGHTSOUT!  His two sacks against the Raiders were great, but they were against the Raiders, two sacks against the Giants let us and other teams know, you need to start to game plan for Shawne.  It would appear that it may be time for AJ to try to work out something with Shawne because if he is back, watch out!

Linebackers – Shaun Phillips had another outstanding game, flying all over the field.  Six tackles, a sack and two forced fumbles.  Brandon Siler and Stephen Cooper also had seven tackles.

Secondary – No receiver gained more than 60 yards on the day, no play was over 30 yards.  Jammer is still the most under rated CB in the league and rookie SS Kevin Ellison put together a very good game.  I was not happy with the play off Paul Oliver, but at least the guy is not afraid to wrap someone up.  The Giants TE’s only caught three passes for 31 yards.  This has been an issue for the Chargers the past couple seasons, but a step in the right direction.

Eric “freaking” Weddle – I’m sure somewhere Chris Ello is smiling.  After Weddle laid out Giants TE Kevin Boss, a tweet was worth repeating: @Avengerinchief posted “Who’s the Boss? Eric Weddle!”  I’m sure that’s how the Giants felt all day.  Jim Trotter from tweeted, “Weddle was having the game of his life”.  Eric Weddle is not John Lynch yet, but he finally is starting to look like he could get there.


Great win for the Chargers this weekend, now it’s time to protect this house!


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