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Chargers vs. Raiders Week 8 Recap 

This victory does not instill confidence in Chargers fans about Norv Turner, if anything it lessens it.  Lets keep in mind the professionals had the Chargers winning by 15 points.  YES 15 points!  The Chargers weak second half offense struggled to put up points and allowed the Raiders to stay in the game.  If it wasn’t for Tom Cable and JaMarcus Russel’s lack of clock management skills

With that said lets take a look at the Fantasy Daddy things to watch for.

1.  Chargers Formations – I was quite happy with the formations this week.  I do have to say that when Rivers runs play action he really needs to dig in and sell it though, it’s almost like his PA is in passing.  The debut of the Wildcat was great, because it resulted in a red zone score.  At this point any red zone offense that created a score would have been welcome, wish bone, wildcat, option play even.  Norv did admit later that he was Nervous about living up Rivers at the WR formation, why?  Hasn’t Norv seen Rivers scramble?  Oh he has? Ok never mind then!  I am not a big fan of the Wildcat for most teams, but I like that Norv ran it, it worked and now teams will have to think about it.

2.  O-Line Play – Clary allowed a sack on a speed rush to the outside, the good news…he only did it once!  The O-Line did a good job of giving Rivers time, but too many times LT was hit at or before the line of scrimmage.

3.  Malcom Floyd – In his first NFL start Floyd rose to expectations! A 53 yard jump ball from Philip Rivers on the first play led to a Chargers TD on the opening drive. Floyd finished with only two catches, but that first one had a huge impact on the game.

4.  Chargers OLBs – I would like to personally thank Shawne Merriman for making me look good.  Two sacks, seven tackles and the “LIGHTS OUT” dance were just what the doctor ordered.  Shaun Phillips also flew around the ball, picked up two sacks of his own and a forced fumble.  We can only hope this is the beginning of things to come.

5.  Zach Miller – Contained?  He was the Raiders leading receiver with 5 rec, 52 yards.  Three of those catches went for 1st downs.  I would consider this adequate.


Chargers Scored on the first drive of the game!

Defense made adjustments and was able to get good pressure on Russel at times during the second half.

Rivers and Vincent Jackson have something special happening and this week it continued.

LT scored!  Not once, but twice!  LT = Raider Killer


Norv doesn’t instill any type of killer instinct in this team.  Chargers once again played down to their competition.

Cason didn’t record a tackle.  Lets hope he can get back on track to be a starting corner and not a special teams star.

O-Line and the running game.  It’s so close you can taste it, they are going to break one soon.

East coast travel to New York next week.  ELI SUCKS!

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Disgruntled Phillies fan Shaun PhillipsSP95

“Lights Out” himself Shawne Merriman shaunm


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