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Fantasy Baseball: 2 Start Pitchers Week of 4/18 


1.  Josh Johnson (PIT, COL) – Very close to a no hitter last week, and had an impressive debut vs. the Mets, and now the Pirates/Rockies come to town (ERA:  1.35, WHIP: .65)

2.  Roy Halladay (MIL, @SD) – Braun, Prince, & Co visit small Citizens Bank Park – possible blowout before visiting Petco . (ERA:  1.23, WHIP: .91)

3.  Tim Lincecum (@COL, ATL) – He faces two playoff caliber NL teams this week, but he should be fine. (ERA: 1.86, WHIP: .93)

4.  Brett Anderson (BOS, @SEA) – He’s at two pitcher’s park.  In fact, these two parks were 1 & 2 in fewest HRs in 2010 (ERA: 2.29, WHIP: 1.22)

5.  Tim Hudson (@LAD, @SF) –  Off to a slow start, but it’s been bad luck.  He travels out west, and have a hunch, he’ll do well as ATL heats up (ERA: 3.48, WHIP: 1.02)


1.  John Lackey (@OAK, @LAA) – I know.  He’s been awful, but he returns to Angel Stadium, and pitcher friendly Oakland.  Nowhere to go but up. (ERA: 15.58, WHIP 2.42)

2.  Brandon  Beachy (@LAD, @SF) – If not this week, he’ll come around.  Great arms on ATL staff to learn from, gaining Glavine comparisons (ERA: 5.19, WHIP: 1.44)

3.  Carlos Zambrano (SD, LAD) – Big Z.  Sometimes you don’t know what to expect from him, but he can dominate a game … when he wants to (ERA: 6.11, WHIP: 1.58)

4.  Jason Vargas (DET, OAK) – He shut down Toronto last week and looked fantastic.   Detroit is a new challenge, but OAK will be a win (ERA: 4.86, WHIP: 1.26)

5.  Paul Maholm (@FLA, WAS) – He faces JJ in his first start this week, but with an improved Pirates team, it’s cheap way for a possible 2 wins (ERA: 2.33, WHIP: 1.14)

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