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Fantasy Baseball: 2 Start Pitchers: Week of 6/6 


1.  Tim Lincecum (WAS, CIN) – Two starts at home this week, after a subpar week on the road last week, expect him to be back to form (ERA: 2.59, WHIP: 1.09)

2.  Tommy Hanson (@FLA, @HOU) – On arguably the strongest PS in the NL East, Hanson continues to shine, and he should be able to get two wins this week (ERA: 2.82, WHIP: 1.05)

3.  Michael Pineda (@CHW, @DET) – You were expecting King Felix here?  Actually, Pineda has been better over the past month, he is not getting as much K’s, but otherwise very solid.  (ERA:  2.30, WHIP: 1.00)

4.  Felix Hernandez (@CHW, @DET) – Felix is still the true ace on the M’s, and both him and Pineda have carried the Mariners into 2nd place (ERA:  3.04, WHIP: 1.12)

5.  Ubaldo Jimenez (@SD, LAD) – I’ve been waiting to put Ubaldo in the Studs section.  He had a rocky start the season, but he may have turned the corner with his CG Shutout last week.  Buy low if you can (ERA: 4.98, WHIP: 1.36)


1.  John Danks (SEA, OAK) – This is the week he has to turn the corner, if any.  0-8 on the season, but facing some pretty weak bats this week, let’s see how he does. (ERA: 5.25, WHIP 1.51)

2.  Tim Stauffer (COL, WAS) – There are benefits to playing at Petco, and if you need some help in ERA/WHIP, Tim is a good plug option this week. (ERA: 3.99, WHIP: 1.39)

3.  Brett Myers (STL, ATL) – It’s been an up and down season for Myers this week, but I’m thinking this is an up week with two starts at home.  (ERA: 3.16, WHIP: 1.13)

4.  Scott Baker (@CLE, TEX) – A favorite of this list, who has some tough competition this week, but he always has the chance to pull out 2 wins. (ERA: 3.86, WHIP: 1.30)

5.  Kevin Correia (ARI, NYM) – Who has 8 wins and is less than 50% owned?  He shouldn’t be under 50% owned, but he’s also only 1-3 @ home (ERA: 3.40, WHIP: 1.20)

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