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Fantasy Baseball: 2 Start Pitchers Week of 8/1 


1.  Corey Luebke (LAD, @PIT) – By now, I wouldn’t expect Corey to be < 50% owned.  Since being transitioned to a starter, his only bad start was his last vs. the Dbacks.  Start him confidently vs. Dodgers/Pirates this week. (ERA: 2.92, WHIP: .95)

2.  Paul Maholm (CHC, SD) – Maholm has a 2.37 ERA @ PNC Park.  In addition the Pirates face two winnable games against two non-contending squads in the Cubs/Padres. (ERA: 3.16, WHIP: 1.25)

3.  Bud Norris (CIN, MIL) – Norris has a 2.93 ERA at home.  He should be an automatic start at least for ERA/WHIP, if not for Ws after Houston has traded away their entire team… (ERA: 3.39, WHIP: 1.27)

4.  Brian Duensing (@LAA, CHW) – Duensing won’t wow you with numbers, but he’s a solid start vs. weak-hitting Angels.  The Twins determined to make a run at the AL central, will need a strong Aug/Sep form Brian. (ERA: 4.35, WHIP: 1.42)

5.  Phil Hughes (@CHW, @BOS) – Yanks have been quiet at the trade deadline, so this must mean they have confidence in ughes to solidify the back end of their rotation.  Tough matchups this week away vs. a pair of Sox teams, but worth picking up for the long run…. (ERA: 8.24, WHIP: 1.89)

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This article aims to recommend sleepers, and find some spot starts to help you week to week.  I’m only looking at 2 start pitchers, so I’m looking for cheap wins, and good stats to boost your staff.

The purpose of this article is to secure quality two start pitchers for the upcoming week.  The 50% limit is based on ESPN leagues.  This article is assuming Mon – Sun week.

What I’ll try to do is a top 5 *possible* sleepers (< 50% owned based on ESPN)


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1.  Juan Nicasio (@LAD, @SD) – Rockies need to go on a run if they’re going to contend for the NL West.  Nicasio has been pitching well, and he faces two possible wins at the cellar dwellers in the NL West. (ERA: 3.88, WHIP: 1.24)

2.  James McDonald (@ATL, @PHI) – McDonald has a 2.45 ERA in the month of July, and has been part of a strong PS leading pirates resurgence.  He faces Tim Hudson/Cliff Lee, so the wins might not be there, but he should get you some strong ERA/WHIP numbers (ERA: 4.15, WHIP: 1.54)

3.  Kyle McClellan (HOU, CHC) – McClellan faces the two worst teams in baseball this week.  As the NL central race heats up, the Cardinals need production from the middle rotation guys, and if Cards decide to bolster their starting staff at the trade deadline, McClellan may pitching for his spot in the rotation. (ERA: 4.34, WHIP: 1.33)

4..  R.A. Dickey (@CIN, @WAS) – The knucleballer has been dancin’, and his numbers usually improve during the  summer months.  Take the Reds a team who hasn’t faced Dickey before, and the Nationals who have fallen back to earth, RA is due for a good 2 start week.  (ERA: 3.80, WHIP: 1.31)

5.  Jake Westbrook (HOU, CHC) – See Kyle McClellan.  His ERA at home of > 6 is troubling, but he has been better in his last few starts, and expect that to continue. (ERA: 5.04, WHIP: 1.51)

Shoot me pitching questions or topics to discuss for future postings via Twitter @EightGamesBack.

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