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Fantasy Baseball: 2 Start Pitchers:Week of 6/13 


1.  Justin Verlander (CLE, @COL) – Verlander takes on freefalling Indians, and then faces DH-less Rockies.  Expect him to keep dealing. (ERA: 2.89, WHIP: .94)

2.  Cole Hamels (FLA, @SEA) – Roy Halladay? Roy Oswalt? Cliff Lee? I’d argue Hamels is having the best season to this point over all 3. (ERA: 2.58, WHIP: .95)

3.  Matt Cain (@ARI, @OAK) –  Watch out, he’s throwing K’s again (11 in last start).  His K/9 ratio is rising from past years, and he’s improving. (ERA:  3.36, WHIP: 1.17)

4.  CC Sabathia (TEX, @CHC) – Facing TEX @ home, could be an offensive explosion, but any bad stats should be erased @ the woeful Cubs. (ERA:  3.15, WHIP: 1.24)

5.  Jaime Garcia (@WAS, KC) – This guy is automatic at home (.46 ERA – not a typo), and he should be able to handle the Nats on the road. (ERA: 3.20, WHIP: 1.18)


1.  Bud Norris (PIT, @LAD) – Norris almost no hit the Cards until he gave up a HR in the 7th.  Dodgers/Pirates haveless scary lineups (ERA: 3.67, WHIP 1.28)

2.  Derek Lowe (@HOU, TEX) – Lowe also almost tossed a no-hitter until he was pulled and the bullpen lost the decision for him.  Tex maybe tough,but he should handle Hou. (ERA: 3.73, WHIP: 1.29)

3.  Jason Vargas (LAA, PHI) – This has been the 3rd time he’s made this list, and continue to put up solid numbers.  (ERA: 3.94, WHIP: 1.25)

4.  Jonathon Niese (@ATL, LAA) – Niese’s name gets lost on the New York Mess. Here’s what you should know though: Hasn’t allowed more than 2ER in any of his last 5 starts (ERA: 3.51, WHIP: 1.35)

5.  Jeff Karstens (@HOU, @CLE) – Karsten’s a slightly risky pick here.  His road ERA was terrible (5.23), but he’s facing two struggling teams and is turning in a decent season so far, but he probably should only be starting if he’s in Pitt (ERA: 2.94, WHIP: 1.15)

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