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Fantasy Daddy Mock Draft Analysis: Rounds 10-12 

I am going to analyze rounds 10-12 of the Fantasy Daddy Mock Draft. You can follow me @FD_hly203 and leave comments you have on the draft or any questions about fantasy baseball. Lets begin.

Round 10:

Best pick: Corey Hart’s injury scared owners enough to have his ADP drop him to a value pick. Great source of power for an OF in this round.

Reach: I don’t see the fascination with Austin Jackson. Yes he can get you steals but along with a dismal BA and mediocre power. Sorry I’ll pass.

Sleeper: Jordan Zimmerman is not talked about as much as the phenom Strasburg and doesn’t get much pub but he has a good shot of being the best pitcher on the Nats ths year. Remember that the phenom is on an innings limit.

Round 11

Best pick: Getting a 20/20 player this late is awesome. And Chris Young is a good bet to have another run at that milestone.

Reach: I like all of these choices in this round. If I had to choose one could disappoint is Ryan Howard. Some days you hear good reports about him, the next time you will hear that he’ll be out to May or June. I would wait a few more rounds before pouncing.

Steal: Getting JJ Hardy here is nice if you were looking to fill SS. That is a lot of pop for this position.

Round 12

Best pick: Wait, how in the world Mariano Rivera gets drafted after guys like Walden? Am I missing something? Better question, how the heck did I miss him?

Reach: I think JP Arencibia could have been available a few more rounds later. Power potential is there but kills you in batting average and is not a lock to keep his job all year.

Steal: It has to be Mariano again. Seriously, how did he slip by me?

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