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Fantasy Daddy Mock Draft Analysis Rounds 7-9 


Best Player: This round consisted of many players that could all easily be the best player in the round, I like Yogi Gallardo (@FD_James) in round 8 and he is coming off a solid season where he went 17-10 3.50 ERA and 207 K’s. For the 8th round that is hands down delicious production.

The Reach: The reach in this round was by yours truly (FD_Rocs), I chose Jesus Montero under the assumption that he can be used as a starting catcher. Some leagues have him with this availability while others he can only be plugged into the utility role. As a catcher he wasn’t a crazy reach because I wasn’t in love with any of the other catchers still available and the theme of my team during this mock draft was youth. I was having fun with it and if Jesus ends up slugging 20 plus homers and hits for a .265 it will be a solid pick.

Best Value: The best value to me is going to be Adam Wainwright (@JacobWDunne) in the 8th round. I know he is coming off Tommy John surgery but he has been solid so far in spring training and he is two years removed from being a top tier starting pitcher. If and when he returns to his pre surgery form he will be solid value for most people in most leagues because they would be able to land a legit ace without having to draft him in the first 7 rounds. Trust me next year if everything goes according to plan, Wainwright will cost you a much higher pick.

Round 9 Analysis

This round was another mixed bag that consisted of hot and trendy players like Dustin Ackley (who I love) and Howie Kendrick and a couple of vets like Big Papi and Ichiro, and a starter named CJ Wilson.

Best Player: I have to go with my boy @MattWhitfield77 in this round and his pick of CJ Wilson. Wilson walks into a pretty sweet situation in Anaheim and he will be facing a lot of 3rd and 4th starters this year when he pitches because he is an ace disguised as the Angels 3rd starter in the rotation. He had 16 wins last year with an ERA under 3 and over 200 K’s, that is a fantasy stud my friends.

The Reach: The reach of the round for me was made by @BBonneville with his selection of the newest Yankee Michael Pineda. He scares me this season and in the early part of the spring he was having major velocity issues.  He is moving to a team where the media scrutiny would be the largest in North America compared to his cat walk in Seattle during his rookie campaign last year and if his heater isn’t scorching the high 90’s in the next couple of weeks, New York is going to have problems with the sophomore player.

Best Value: I think there is a tie in this round between my pick (FD_Rocs) of Adam Jones and  @JacobWDunne ‘s pick of David Ortiz. When you are in the 9th round of a draft and you can score yourself a starting center fielder that hits .280 with 25 plus HR potential and a chance at 15 stolen bases or you draft the ageless wonder Big Papi who you can pencil in for almost 30 bombs , 90 RBIs and a solid average you are walking out of the round with fantasy gold.

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