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MJD Expectations: 2012 

This time last season the experts were down on Maurice Jones-Drew. Knee issues, questions at QB, and an emerging Rashad Jennings all point to MJD having a down season.

In spite of those things, he was able to lead the league in rushing attempts (343) and yards (1606), also career highs.No doubt his hold-out this season hurt his draft stock and many drafts saw him go at the back-end of the second and even the third round.

Some of this may have been because of the questions of when he would return and others possibly because of what we saw from Chris Johnson last season.

Being optomistic I see MJD at 1100 yards, six TD, and with Jennings back Jones-Drew will be less effective in the pass game.  25 catches, 200 yards and a touchdown. 

With that said, what do you feel realistic expectations for MJD are for 2013?

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