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How to win Survivor Football 

How to win Survivor Football?

Fantasy Football, survivor football, elimination football, the bottom line is Just win!  At a quick glance it seems as though this would be an easy game to conquer.  Just pick one winner each week…I’m sure they have horses or monkeys that can do that, so what not you….right?  After playing the last couple seasons I realized some tips that I am happy to share with you.

1.  Don’t get cute, especially at the start of the season.  We know a few teams are REALLY good and a few teams are REALLY bad, the other 26 teams we really don’t know anything about.  I typically try to make sure the first three weeks of the season I take the best bets.  It may mean using the Patriots, Steelers or Colts, but it means staying alive.

2.  After week 5 you need to start to lay out the rest of your season.  Players get hurt, suspended and upsets happen, but start to lay it out.  You don’t want to be in week 10 and your picking the Falcons on the road vs. the Panthers, not bad pick, but too risky for me. Lay out the season and leave a few solid teams to adjust with if needed.

3.  Home Field Advantage!  It’s tough to win in the NFL, but it’s REALLY tough to win on the road, just ask the Eagles!  If at all possible I stay away from road teams.  So many factors go into play, weather, travel, time changes, crowd noise oh and of course the other team is actually trying to win!

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