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Tier Tuesday- An Introduction 

As everyone knows, Thursday night the Packers and the Seahawks kick off the new NFL season. With the new season comes new beginnings and offerings, one of those being a new feature article on Fantasy Daddy every Tuesday following week one. I present to you, Tier Tuesday.

Tier Tuesday is aimed at comparing all relevant fantasy players across a tier format. For example, to start the season the top four running backs would make up tier number one (Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte). Now this example is only to start the season, and week by week, the players will be continuously tiered in accordance with their overall performance.

For instance, if Adrian Peterson scores 20 points in week one, he would be in the first tier based on his performance. If in week two if AP only scores 6 points, he may fall into tier two or tier three, depending on how the other running backs around him perform as well. You can compare the players you have across the tiers that occur in the previous week.

This system is a way to track how your players are doing across multiple weeks, as players performance can fluctuate based on a number of factors, such as the offense they are in, the defensive units they have played, and their targets. These tiers will be based on fantasy points scored in a standard scoring league, and players who had similar scores will be grouped together.

We look forward to bringing you a different look at fantasy football, and good luck this season!

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