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Top 5 OF: The Real Deal, The Falling Star and The Rising Sun 



Players are rising and falling all the time in fantasy baseball. With highlighting the top 5 rated outfielders; who will stay in the top five, who will fall out and who has the chance to rise to the occassion by the All-Star Break. Numbers in parenthesis represent the positions rank.

1. Carlos Gonzalez, Col- .308, 36 runs (1st), 10 HR (T-3rd), 27 RBI’s (T-6th), 8 SB (T-4th)

2. Adam Jones, Bal- .322 (5th), 31 runs (T-5th), 6 HR, 30 RBI’s (T-3rd), 7 SB (T-5th)

3. Alex Rios, CWS- .301, 27 runs, 10 HR (T-3rd), 25 RBI’s, 7 SB (T-5th)

4. Justin Upton, Atl- .275, 32 runs (T-3rd), 14 HR (1st), 28 RBI’s (T-5th), 3 SB

5. Mike Trout, LAA- .278, 29 runs (T-6th), 8 HR, 29 RBI’s (T-4th), 8 SB (T-4th)

As a career .300 hitter, Cargo has been a 20(HR)-20(SB) player since his first full season in 2010. His best year came in 2010 where he put together a remarkable .336, 111 runs, 36 HR, 117 RBI’s and 26 stolen base season. The Rockie offense is top five in most major categories and as long as Troy Tulowitzski stays healthy, the fourth full season for the top-rated outfielder should be one to watch. #THEREALDEAL #RISINGSTAR

Morse High Alumn, Adam Jones, has yet to hit for .290, steal more than 20 bases or drive in more than 85 runs in a season. He is no Carlos Gonzalez by any means, but he has hit 57 home runs in the past two seasons and scored 103 times last year.  He is hitting third in front of baseball’s biggest slugger, Chris Davis, and he is on pace for career highs in runs (114), RBI’s (110), and stolen bases(29). #THEREALDEAL #RISINGSTAR

Do you notice a trend from the top-three-rated outfielders? They hit third in the lineup, have the ability to steal bases, and can drive in runs with average and pop. Alex Rios is the oldest of the three and has never ecliped 30 home runs in a season like Cargo and Jones but was a .300, 20-20 player last year. There is power all around him eventhough the averages from players like Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko are lacking. The 32 year old is also on pace for setting career highs in runs (105) and RBI’s (94) If anybody drops out the top five it’s Rios still he’s #THEREALDEAL.

Justin Upton is everything the first three are but with more pure pop. The sixth-year player surpassed 30 home runs (31) in 2011. And the overall numbers could have been better if Freddie Freeman (cleanup) and Jason Heyward (No.2 hitter) didn’t go on the DL and if Upton almost didn’t break the Atlanta Braves record for most solo home runs (12) in a single month with 11. Now with the tools back in place and hitters getting healthy there is no reason why Upton shouldn’t remain in the top five. #THEREALDEAL

The players aforementioned are good and will be for a while to come, but Mike Trout will be legendary. The third-year player did things in his first full season that only a dozen previous players did in history that joining the 30-30 club. He is the only current player to have a chance at becoming the third player in history to join the 40-40 club leading all 30-30 members with the 49 stolen bases in 2012. He hits in front of Pujols, Hamilton and Trumbo who can all bash the ball and bats in the AL where the No.2 spot still gets RBI opportunities. The only way Trout gets toppled out the top five is if he get injured. #THEREALDEAL #RISINGSTAR

On the Rise

Alex Gordon is ripping the cover off the ball hitting .343 with 29 runs and RBI’s. He is hitting .380 in May which is a good sign because he is historically bad in May hitting .239 (2010-2012). He tends to heat up with the season (2010-2012) hitting .328 in June and .317 in July, the only two months when he hits over .300. According to that, we have yet to see this years best. #RISINGSTAR

Jay Bruce is now on an 11 game-hitting streak batting .400 with five home runs, 14 RBI’s and seven runs. All five of Bruce’s home runs came within that stretch and so did half of his RBI production. The seventh-year player can get as streaky or unstreaky as any but he hits in one of the NL’s top lineups and he is starting to see ball hit bat. #RISINGSTAR

David Murphy hit sub .200 in the five and six spot and .184 with RISP for the Rangers to begin the season. Since batting in the No.2 slot, the .282 lifetime hitter is batting .400 with sticks behind to protect and drive in. Murphy who doesn’t strike out often will get better pitches to see and enjoy what Kinsler and Andrus have been for years. #RISINGSTAR

On the Fall

Starling Marte ended April hitting .327 and scoring 20 runs. His 10 stolen bases are second best in the MLB, but he has not stolen a base in the past 15 days and has hit .194 in the last week. The Pirates aren’t notoriously known for their offense, but Andrew McCutchen is having another stellar year and as long as he his playing Marte should put up decent numbers as leadoff hitter. May has not been as fortiutous however. #FALLINGSTAR

Carlos Gomez led the league in batting average a week ago until he only hit 4/27 (.148) with only one run/RBI/SB in the last week. The .360 hitter in April is still hitting a solid .329, but is slotted majority of the time in the six or seven spot. That means lower run and RBI production especially for a player who has yet to do better than .260 or 20 home runs in a season. #FALLINGSTAR

Jacoby Ellsbury is tied for the major league lead with 13 stolen bases and bats in one of the hottest lineups in the majors. What’s the problem? The 2011 MVP candidate is hitting .145 in his last 55 ABs with only five runs, 2 RBI’s and one stolen base. This can’t last for long, but you wonder how much of an affect missing half of last season is having on him now. #FALLINGSTAR

Twin OF Josh Willingham is hitting .149 in his last 47 ABs with only one home run to show for it. Joe Mauer and Justin Mourneau are batting well around him, but the 34 year old is striking out once-every-three ABs and is only hitting .200 on the season. In his nine previous seasons, Willingham has hit better than .275 once. With the power struggle, he is not worth the juice. #FALLINGSTAR

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