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Week 3 Quarterback Rankings 

Rob Gronkowski

Week 3 QB Rankings- Carmen Falcone

Week 3 QB rankings

1. Drew Brees
The Saints are at home on the fast track and Brees and the Saints are starting the season at 0-2. If they are going to make a playoff run it needs to start here with a big day for Brees.

2. Aaron Rodgers
Both defenses in this game are only giving up 190 passing yards a game, with that said this game has scoring fest written all over it! Look for a big day from both QBs in this game.

3.Matthew Stafford
See #2. I like Stafford to bounce back after a tough game in Carolina last week.

4. Peyton Manning
Going into Seattle can be a tough task for any QB. Philip Rivers exploited the Seahawks last week, and if you think the smartest QB ever wasn’t taking notes your’e crazy!

5. Andrew Luck
With a 0-3 start looming over Luck and the Colts, Luck will light up the Jags defense. The Jags are giving up 266 passing yards per game; that’s music to Lucks ears.

6. Matt Ryan
Like Drew Brees, Matt plays very well in the dome on the turf. Tampa is middle of the pack when it comes to passing yards, Ryan will put up good numbers verse the Bucs.

7. Philip Rivers
Buffalo gives up nearly 275 passing yards a game, and the only reason Rivers is this low is the game is cross country and could be a let down game after Seahawks win.

8. Cam Newton
The Pittsburgh defense is more like a wet tissue than Steel Curtain. Newton can score both with his legs and arm and that equals a good day for Cam.

9. Russell Wilson
Going against Peyton could make Russell throw a lot this week to keep up. Also the Broncos give up nearly 300 passing yards per game. Wilson will try to prove he is an elite QB in this match-up.

10. Jay Cutler
If his weapons play, the Jets secondary will have a hard time keeping up them. If Cutler can avoid the Jets front 7 the Bears QB will have a field day with that secondary.

11. Nick Foles
The Redskins have been playing better this year only giving up 162 passing yards per game; but they have not faced a fast pace offense like this. Look for Foles to use his backs as receivers.

12.Colin Kaepernick
Although Arizona is 2-0 they have given up nearly 249 yards per game in the air. Kap will look get back on track verse the Cardinals.

13. Tom Brady
Will the real Tom Brady please stand up? This is a match up that could be a Ridley day and that doesn’t sit well for Brady having a great day.

14. Kirk Cousins
The Eagles are giving up over 200 yards passing per game; but Kirk will not be facing the Jags this week! Temper expectations.

15. Ryan Tannehill
Playing at home against a KC team that gives up 240 yards per game; could get Ryan back on track after a tough loss last week.

16. Joe Flacco
He has weapons and a good match up. The Browns give up 293 yards per game. Flacco could be a top 12 QB this week but his inconsistencies have him ranked lower.

17. Andy Dalton
With AJ possibly out, this could turn into a running game. The Titans give up over 300 yards on the ground and that means Gio and Hill may play a bigger role than Dalton.

18. Tony Romo
Hurt back and hurt Dez really hurt Tony’s ranking. Also the St Louis front seven is scary good; they may need to lean on Murray like last week.


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